Car Dealers…How drastic are your business development changes?

Thanksgiving is around the corner with Christmas and New Years approaching even faster. The retail automobile industry is coming off of a great year. Car dealers are selling cars again and showing signs of growth. In fact, there has been a tremendous amount of dealership buy-sell activity in 2014. Yes there are plenty of conferences, seminars, webinars

The Email Follow Up Epidemic

As published in Dealer Marketing – Page 28 – November 2014 I would like to start out by asking automobile dealers when was the last time that they evaluated the email process and email templates in their CRM systems. Seriously, when was the last time that you actually looked at what is being sent out and when

Digital Dealer 17 Review with Stan Sher

Anyone that knows me knows that I enjoy writing about our industry and reviewing conferences after I attend them.  Well it has been 2.5 years since I attended my last Digital Dealer conference in Orlando, FL. After 2.5 years of not attending I missed the vibe, the networking and the opportunities that this incredible conference provides to both



Developing a small company into a successful one may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it.

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Dealer eTraining recognizes the importance of automotive sales training development. In fact, automotive dealers that create a bigger focus on training and developing their staff are usually the dealers that perform

Lead eXaminer

Lead eXaminer is a service that provides a proper analysis of lead performance. The Dealer eTraining reporting tool that provides feedback to dealership management of how internet leads and incoming phone calls

Vendor Relations

For Dealers We at Dealer eTraining believe that everything starts from marketing and positioning the dealership to obtain the maximum amount of opportunities to do business. It is all about the


Dealer Associations (Local and State) Stan Sher has been a speaker at numerous auto dealer associations events. Stan enjoys bringing quality "real deal" education to automotive dealers and dealer associations. Please contact


We at Dealer eTraining have listened to the dealers. We understand that turnover is a costly expense and is sometimes difficult to avoid.  Dealer eTraining offers two unique types of automotive


Dealer eTraining understands that sometimes dealerships are looking for a professional third party view of their situation. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to come into your dealership and do a

Dealer Support

Dealer Support System Dealer eTraining will not stop working for you. Our dealer support system was created to ensure that our clients are always performing at the top of their game.

Digital Marketing

Dealer eTraining understands that in order to properly handle leads or sales opportunities that automotive dealers need to have an effective marketing strategy. While we provide digital strategy consulting we are

Case studies


We gathered the most popular examples of solving common business problems. They may appear at the stage of your business launch. Luckily, we know how to cope with them quickly and in this section we would like to share this important information with you. Moreover, you can freely add your cases by contacting us via email or contact form on our website.

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Reveal the secrets of becoming a true leader of your own company. Maybe it’s easier than you thought?

Get to know key traits of a real company leader – experts of SM Consulting reveal the fundamentals of running your own business.

Running business is not an easy task. Moreover, people often think that it is impossible if you don’t have a certain talent. But the truth about it is somewhere in the middle – if you have a strong desire for business and time to improve yourself, you can become a true leader of modern company. Tasha Rodgers, a member of SM Consulting team, will reveal some of the dominant features of modern business leader and give you some important advice on running your own business. read more >>

What role does support play in successful running of a business and how can a contemporary businessman benefit from it?

In the world of business there are strict rules that every businessman should know and follow. They are vital for all kinds of businesses both small and big. Though it may seem quite tricky to play the business game successfully, following these rules can make a useful supportive influence on your company and on your employees. In this article you will find out how exactly you can use these rules to create supportive atmosphere when starting your business. read more >>

Solutions play decisive role in running any kind of business. It is caused by the fact that a correct solution is in most cases an instrument that influences the future of your company and your employees. It is also widely known that a business is very important for its owner. So making important decisions can be hard for you at first. That’s why in this article we would like to give necessary recommendations to those who have just started their own company and don’t know where to move forward. read more >>



We will build a unique business development strategy based on the complex study of your company.

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Dealer eTraining was founded in 2011 on the principle that automotive dealers are in need of “Real Deal” cutting edge solutions to help automotive dealerships improve the way they conduct business.

After eight years of success in retail and some experience of working with another training firm our founder, Stan Sher decided to bring some cutting edge process to the industry.


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Discover how your business can improve and how you can benefit from our consultancy services. Find your way of business development with us!