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Congrats You Opened A Dealership Now What?

Congrats You Opened A Dealership Now What?  To be in the automotive retail, training and consulting business for 14+ years one would tend to pick up some important business life lessons. At Dealer eTraining I have always kept an open mind when it comes to seeing how a dealership operates. I was fortunate to sell thousands of

Car Dealership Advertising & Marketing Madness

Let’s face it. There are thousands of digital advertising companies in the automobile industry. These agencies sell and manage websites, digital marketing, social media and graphic design. The problem is that in many cases graphic design is done poorly because there is either too much content or the same ones are sometimes syndicated for multiple clients. Auto

What Car Dealers Really Need For Success

In 14 years of working in the automotive industry I have come to realize that businesses in the industry take a lot of shortcuts. I am not just talking about shortcuts in the sales process or internal dealership operations. I am talking about how automotive vendors can sometimes over promise and under deliver. We are working in


What we do

Onsite Training

Dealer eTraining recognizes the importance of automotive sales training development. In fact, automotive dealers that create a bigger focus …

Event Speaker

Stan Sher has been a speaker at numerous auto dealer associations events. Stan enjoys bringing quality “real deal” education to automotive dealers …

Live Virtual Training

Does the idea of training your staff sound too expensive? Are you tired of having turnover because your staff is not properly trained?


Dealer eTraining understands that sometimes dealerships are looking for a professional third party view of their situation.

Dealer Support

Dealer eTraining will not stop working for you. Our dealer support system was created to ensure that our clients are always performing at the top of their game.


Dealer eTraining understands that in order to properly handle leads or sales opportunities that automotive dealers need to have an effective marketing strategy.

Case Studies


We would like to share some popular examples of how Dealer eTraining continues to solve common business problems. This includes success stories for growing Internet Sales, BDC and Sales departments. These case studies showcase an improvement in lead management, processes, level of staff training and increased ROI.

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Real Deal Training


“I provide real training from my own experience and from the heart because I live to see others succeed.”
– Stan Sher