automotive dealer consulting

Dealer eTraining understands that sometimes dealerships are looking for a professional third party view of their situation. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to come into your dealership and do a world class automotive dealer consulting service in order to create a proper outline of success. We often have dealers asking for our professional opinions and suggestions on how they can improve. We offer two automotive internet sales consulting consulting plans.

Free Consulting Strategy Session

Dealer eTraining offers a one hour no hassle free consulting strategy session. In this session, we will review the dealership setup, digital marketing operations, processes, management and goals. On this call we will be prepared as we will show up understanding the market and competitors strategies. As we ask questions we will take thorough notes which will be recapped and provided to the dealer upon competition of the call. Here is a list of things that we will evaluate:
⇒Dealership Setup / Goals
⇒Advertising Strategy (Digital, Traditional, Online Reputation Evaluation)
⇒Current Internet / BDC / Sales Department Setup
⇒Dealership Management Evaluation
⇒Inventory Management Evaluation
⇒Mystery Shopping (Internet / Phone)
⇒Competition & Demographics Evaluation
⇒OEM Reporting & Guidelines
Fresh Ideas

Action Planning

We formulate a large report explaining findings and our point of view. This will include discussing what problems (profit leaks) were found as well as best practices that were found. In addition, we give examples of an estimate of what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) certain actions will bring over time.

Onsite Assessment

For a single point dealerships and dealer groups, we offer custom onsite assessment plans. The assessment involves the BDC, Internet Sales and Showroom Sales departments because we believe that dealerships maximize opportunities when all departments are working well together. Dealer eTraining will analyze the following:

⇒CRM/ILM Setup
⇒Current Digital Marketing Strategies
⇒Call Monitoring Management
⇒Phone Skills
⇒Mystery Shop Competition
⇒OEM Manufacturer Sales Reports
⇒Vendor Sales Analytic Reports
⇒Interview Management
⇒Internet Lead Management Process
⇒Showroom Sales Process
⇒Unsold Showroom Sales Process
⇒Data Mining
⇒Service Equity Opportunities Follow Up
⇒Communication between Internet or BDC and Showroom Sales Departments
⇒Management Accountability
⇒Quality of Staff