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Dealer eTraining understands that in order to properly handle leads or sales opportunities that automotive dealers need to have an effective marketing strategy. While we provide digital strategy consulting we are able to pinpoint what services help our hurt our clients. We have secured partnerships with industry leading products that drastically increase lead generation and improve digital marketing strategies for our clients.

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As part of the setup of our program Dealer eTraining will provide a website assessment and an evaluation of all advertising strategy (and spending) that includes third party providers, social media and reputation.  We have been known to save dealers thousands of dollars by evaluating their vendors and services.  In some cases, we have seen dealers pay multiple companies for similar services due to lack of vendor management.  As a dealer your goal is to focus on selling vehicles which means that you are not always aware about some of the latest and greatest automotive digital marketing tactics. Contact us to discuss the tools that we recommend to improve your business.