Dealer Associations (Local and State)

Stan Sher has been a speaker at numerous auto dealer associations events. Stan enjoys bringing quality “real deal” education to automotive dealers and dealer associations. Please contact us for more information on what we can provide for your association by calling (732)925-8362 or fill out the contact form.


Dealer 20 Groups

We have been expanding our presence in the automotive industry to bring quality information by educating the dealer public. Dealers are always asking Dealer eTraining to help with process management and training. As a true subject matter expert with regards to Internet Sales, BDC and Forward Thinking Consultative Selling operations Stan Sher is available to present at your upcoming Dealer 20 Group. Please contact Stan Sher directly by emailing or calling (732)925-8362.


It’s no secret that OEMs are cracking down on how their dealers are performing with their internet sales operations. We have noticed the importance of closing ratios, response times, and even individual dealer contributions to the market place on a district, regional, and national level. The OEMs tend to get frustrated by how their dealers perform on the internet while dealers can get frustrated by how they are being measured. This never ending battle can stop by establishing a real top notch training program and creating true benchmarks for dealers to follow. Dealer eTraining has been helping dealers improve performance at the OEM level as much as handling other needs. Dealer eTraining has solutions that will help OEMs motivate their dealers into performing at a higher level. We welcome the opportunity to serve OEMs with the automotive internet sales and business development needs.

Automotive Industry Conferences

Stan Sher has been a featured presenter at some of the biggest and best conferences in the automotive industry. Here are just some of the events that Stan has spoken at:


Stan Sher has performed webinars for industry leading vendors as well as a few of his own private training sessions. If you are looking for an automotive subject matter expert to speak at your next webinar please contact Stan Sher.